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Ming He is a high and new technology enterprise specializing in digital and analog mixed circuit.The company technical team composed of IC industry senior staff and famous semiconductor company engineers.Our team have profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. Can provide solutions to the most advanced and cost-effective for customers.

The company product include regulator LDO series, DC/DC converters, voltage detectors, LED driver, LCD driver, solar energy charging management, charging management, Lithium battery protection, touch light modulation, MCU, a charge pump, MOSFET series. In addition, we can also provides application specific intergrated circuit design services. 

These products are applicable to such as: high power LED lighting, LED flashlight, medical electronics, electronic blood pressure monitor, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, mobile power supply, electronic cigarette, intelligent mobile phone, Bluetooth speakers, notebook computer, LCD display, digital TV, automotive lighting, set-top boxes, wireless routing, mobile Wi-Fi, mobile phone, GPS navigation charger, electronic dictionary, electronic toys, fire security, instrumentation and other fields.

We provide innovative and very cost effective solution and competitiveness for customers with our advanced technology strength.We hope to bring to the customers is not only the product innovation design but sustained competitive advantage.


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